May 27, 2011


Procrastination is like a drug. When you're in it, it feels great, but come back to reality, and you will drop. Tis' a terrible cycle..

May 20, 2011

Toilet Time

Photo rights to ssalonso on flickr.

I have a theory that there is a certain space, let's call it a mindspace, that can be harnessed for higher productivity. Your mindspace is the time you have in your mind during which you're physically occupied, e.g. going to the toilet at school/work. Let's try and use every toilet stop during our day to think about something productive shall we? Plan ahead, think about current problems etc. :)

I often went to the toilet during exams. The extra exercise, fresh air (out of the exam room, not in the toilet...) and time away from script sometimes helped trigger memory while I thought about whatever I was stuck on.

Mar 24, 2011

Excel Edit Cell Shortcut

Editing an excel file? 
Just found the keyboard shortcut that puts the cursor inside the cell: F2.
Saves having to mouse click.

Jan 25, 2011

Why gmail (not hotmail?) #1 -basic

What's all the fuss about gmail? Some good features:
  1. Conversations
    Emails are stored as conversations instead of individual messages. If you've used iphone or Andriod's messaging system, you know what I mean. It's much easier to see. (Each individual message is expandable, as well as the recipients and extra info.)
  2. Forgotten Attachment Detector
    If you typed something like 'see attachment' in an email, then later forget to attach it, a message will pop up asking if you forgot.
    This has definitely helped me! =P

  3. Undo Send
    What? Yes, Gmail has lots of 'lab' features, and this is one of my favourite. It keeps any message you send for 5,10, 15 or 20 seconds, during which you can decide to undo. To use, go to >Settings  >Labs  >Undo Send   >Enable (Really useful for when you realise the second after you send that you addressed the person with Mr. instead of Ms. or something embarrassing like that!)
  4. Inbox Preview
    A static sneak peak of your inbox when Gmail is loading. This lets you quickly see if you have unread mail, and saves you having to wait for your inbox to load. To use, go to >Settings  >Labs  >Inbox Preview   >Enable
    A great saver if you sometimes have slow internet connection!
I didn't seem to mention hotmail :P Well, hotmail doesn't have any of the above features (not to the best of my knowledge anyway! -wait, hotmail has the conversation setting too!) Another post with good organisation tips coming soon! (Didn't want to overload this one :] )

Nov 17, 2010

TeXnic Center Starter

First tip: Compile (by clicking on F7) twice if working with a table of contents.